Music Review: “Line ‘Em Up” (EP) by States

Indie folk rock band States is creating a big name for itself with the release of ‘Line ’Em Up’ (EP). The band consists of brothers Bryan and Stephen Laurenson (ex-Copeland) and vocalist Mindy White (ex-Lydia).

The indie trio is often known as an “indie music super group” because all the members were previously in well-known bands before States was formed.  ‘Line ’Em Up’ is a six-track album that offers an upbeat, catchy, feel-good summertime sound. The EP mixes influences of The Cranberries and Bright Eyes with powerful vocals similar to Tegan and Sarah and Eisely.

The album starts out with the solid, straight-forward, upbeat rock tune titled “Anxious.” The song grabs listeners’ attention right away with its catchy melodies and upbeat guitar riffs.

The second song, “Falling For,” has more of a mellow feel to it. The song most-notably shows off vocalist Mindy White’s unique and beautiful singing voice.

The album then picks back up again with the third track, “Time to Begin.” This song has a catchy beat that will be hard to resist tapping your foot along with. The unique catchy vocal melodies and hand claps in the chorus make you want to get out of your seat and dance.

“Generation,” the fourth track on the EP, stands out the most because of its country-folk style influence. This song has a “road trip” kind of feel to it, making you want to roll down the car’s windows, turn up the volume and sing along with it.

The EP’s fifth track, “Another Chapter,” is a slower ballad song which really exemplifies the band’s unique sound and style. “Another Chapter” also shows off White’s strong and powerful vocal range again. Your easily catch yourself humming along to the melodic chorus.

The album ends with a lullaby song called “Asleep.” The final song’s lyrics and melodies will send chills down your back as the guitars sing along with the beauty of White’s elegant voice.

States’ ‘Line ‘Em Up’ (EP) will quickly become a huge favorite among many indie music listeners. The repeat button will most likely be stuck on when listening to the album. As great as the album is, the only downfall is the shortness of the album itself. Regardless of the length, the EP is just a small taste of what’s to come from this talented group of musicians.