‘Adventure’ piece to be highlighted in concert series

A small group of music students have the opportunity to perform their composition pieces in the Sonict Music Ensemble Concert Series.

The Sonict Music Ensemble, which was created by three UW-Whitewater music faculty members, hosts six to eight concerts over the academic year.

Associate Professor Jeff Herriott said the ensemble was not just created because of the lack of new ensembles on campus but also because none of the ensembles performed modern pieces of music.

“I am involved in and interested in current things,” Herriott said. “So we decided to create an ensemble that was dedicated to performing current work composed by living composers.”

Herriott said one reason he enjoys modern music is because he loves to hear different perspectives. The students bring “surprising combinations” and “cool ideas,” which Herriott said is fun for him.

In the upcoming Student Composer Recital, three of Herriott’s composition students will showcase music they have been working on over the past semester.

Junior Jonathon Eleyet’s guitar piece, “Lemuel’s Bounty,” will be performed by Eleyet and two other guitar players.

Eleyet described the piece as an “adventure,” saying the piece progresses from a fast-pace piece full of tension to a mellow piece, which ends on a “good” note.

Eleyet said he would just sit down, begin playing the guitar and make stuff up until it sounded good. Other times he said he would play the piano or just “listen” to what would sound good in his head.

In the future, Eleyet said he hopes to write and perform.

“I would love to keep with guitar,” he said. “It’s really what I love to do – play as much as I can and write as much as I can.”

The Student Composer Recital does not have a set theme like other Sonict Concerts have in the past. Herriott said this was more of a “whatever you’re working on that makes the cut” type of concert.

Senior Adam Triebold and junior John Kermott will also have composition pieces in the recital.

The concert will feature three “original, experimental” videos as well.

“However you have thought of classical music, that is not how this concert is going to be,” Eleyet said. “It’s going to be very new and a little challenging, if people come and are open to it I think they will really enjoy what is going on.”