Photo exhibit to showcase student events

Students and community members who have ever wondered what a student organization or group does on campus will get the chance to see through photos.

Student organizations submitted photos that will be featured in the “Involvement Photo Display.”

The photos were taken by members of groups and organizations and will give students and community members the opportunity to see the kind of involvement the groups have on campus.

“The photos will be of whatever a student organization wanted to show us in terms of campus involvement,” Roberta’s Gallery Supervisor Kim Adams said. “It could be a Make a Difference Day photo, a campus clean up, a homecoming activity, [and/or] working with the Children’s Center.”

The Student Optimists Club submitted a photo of some of its members making fleece blankets for the Sheriffs Department.

This year is the first time the “Involvement Photo Display” will be exhibited.

A “Best of Show” prize will be awarded to a group based on whichever photo gets the most votes. Unfortunately, groups and organizations which submitted photos might not have much competition.

“We needed to extend the deadline,” Adams said. “Less than 20 photos have been submitted.”

As a result, the University Center and Career and Leadership Development submitted photos collected from other events, which will not be eligible for the “Best of Show” award.

Any student group or organization was encouraged to submit a photo, but participation might be low because not enough people knew of the opportunity.

“I think it’s a really good concept, but we have to figure out a better way of getting the word out in order for more students to be aware of it,” Adams said.

Although the results weren’t what was expected, leadership adviser Melissa Grosso still encourages people to come.

Gross said students, faculty and staff should view the exhibit so they can see the “amazing” things students do on an everyday basis.

“I think that it will still be a good display that will show student involvement on campus and different ways of students interacting with each other, other organizations, other departments and outside agencies,” Adams said. “This type of display helps build awareness of the vast amount of student involvement that we have on our campus.”