SEAL to host seventh annual poster sale


After settling into new apartments or dorms, students may notice a lack of color on the drab white walls they aren’t allowed to paint. The solution to this problem is the SEAL annual poster sale.

Melissa Grosso, leadership advisor of the Career & Leadership development staff, said SEAL has been putting on this sale for seven years.

It will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 4-6 in the University Center’s North Mall.

“There’s a wide variety of everything,” SEAL Manager Katelyn Wurtz, who organized the event.

Students can find posters of musical artists, sports teams and photography, she added.

This sale is perfect for students on a budget with posters ranging anywhere from $5 to $40.

Wurtz said this is the first time that she has organized the sale, and she is hopeful that many students will attend.

“Because it’s in front of the UC, we think people will pass it on their way to school,” she said. “However, many people will look but don’t buy or they’ll come back later.”

When a student purchases a poster, they’re also funding student programs that provide education and fun according to Grosso.

“A company comes in and sells the posters, and then we get a cut of those profits,” Grosso said. “All money goes back into student programming.”

Providing students with safe entertainment is a main goal of SEAL Grosso said. According to their website, SEAL’s purpose is to provide educational and social programming on a campus-wide basis, creating a vibrant social hangout that enhances student engagement as well as a non-alcoholic alternative to Thursday nights and weekends.

SEAL is made up of students who plan and organize entertainment events for students of UW-Whitewater.

Students are given paid internship positions within SEAL.  Included are a homecoming chair and community service, entertainment, Greek life, management, movie, large event and social media interns.

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