Pop-rock band The Well Reds on campus Thursday


Every year, SEAL brings a variety of performers to the UW-Whitewater campus. Ranging from ghost hunters to comedians to musicians, the events always draw a crowd.

This week, SEAL is bringing a music group to campus.

Students who are fans of bands such as The Killers, Muse and FUN. will not want to miss it.

The Well Reds, a pop-rock band from Atlanta, will perform a free concert at 8 p.m. on Sept. 13 in the Down Under in the UC.

Consisting of members Jeremy Ezell on vocals and guitar, Sean Crawford on guitar and keyboard, Rex Crawford on bass and saxophone, and Torin Degnats on drums and percussion, the band brings an energy and enthusiasm for music that is sure to entertain.

“I think we all agree that there is an energy in a room abuzz with people ready to join with musicians in the making of great music,” Ezell said. “We thrive on that energy. We love performing for people who love music.”

Growing up, all of the band members were heavily involved with music. Ezell said they are all second generation musicians.

“Torin’s dad was a drummer. Sean and Rex’s father was also a drummer. My dad was a singer. So we all grew up surrounded by music and studying music, whether in school, private lessons or just studying our musical heroes,” he said.

After forming around a studio project of Ezell’s in 2008, The Well Reds have performed alongside bands such as Cartel, Mayday Parade and The All Time Low.

According to SEAL intern Garrett Martell, a lot of work goes into bringing bands to campus.

“There is a lot of preparation that goes into planning an event like this. I need to stay in constant communication with the band in order to ensure that I am providing the band with the proper arrangements to perform,” Martell said. “All of the details need to be handled from checking the technical requirements to reserving a hotel.”

All of these steps help to draw large crowds to SEAL events.

To bands like The Well Reds, the most important thing is for their audience to have a good time.

“We hope that for 90 minutes they’ll be able to relax and forget the world and join us in making an awesome show,” Ezell said.

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