Class looks to help educate teenage Afghani girls

To most Americans, going through middle and high school is part of the norm.

To children in many impoverished countries, schooling is somewhat of a dream.

Senior Megan Kiehl and junior Carly Viso, who are part of the “Current Topics in Health and Wellness” class, taught by Professor Ann Garvin, said their class is trying to make that dream become a reality for two girls from Afghanistan.

The class is raising money for “Girl Effect,” an organization that focuses on ending poverty in third-world, war-affected countries, to help send girls to school.

“[Girl Effect’s] solution is ‘education will end poverty and make change in the world,’” Viso said. “Who doesn’t want that?”

Kiehl said the idea that a lot of teenage Afghani girls are pregnant, married and have to take on a wife’s role at such a young age is what is motivating her to send two girls to school.

“I think it’s a really cool thing,” Kiehl said. “Here in America we get the opportunity for education. It’s a lot easier for us. They’re not just handed their education.”

The class will host bake sales and sell wristbands to raise money for the cause. The first sale will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Feb. 24 in the University Center.

A video about what Girl Effect is looking to do can be seen at

Contact Professor Garvin ([email protected]), Kiehl ([email protected]), or Viso ([email protected]) with any questions.