Katie Wirsing spreads idea of acceptance, equality, support


Katie Wirsing describes herself as a poet, activist and life lover.

SEAL will be hosting the poet at 8 p.m. on Oct. 26 in the Down Under.

Wirsing’s work largely centers on issues members of the gay community face everyday.

She has been bringing her emotionally charged and animated performances to universities, rallies and festivals for 12 years.

Her accomplishments include membership in the 1996 Poetry Slam Championship team and representation of Denver in the Women of Poetry Slam.

Slam Poetry is a competitive style of poetry delivery where a panel of judges critiques the word choice, delivery and stage presence of a poet.

Wirsing’s work has been featured on NPR, BBC and various other radio stations across the country. She has traveled the world with  fellow poets Andrea Gibson and Buddy Wakefield and the Flobots, a hip hop/rock group. She has also been featured as an opening act for the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and AquaGirl, a festival dedicated to raising money for a non-profit foundation whose goal is to promote the well being of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women.

Wirsing said she wants her audiences to have a good time and come away wiser and more understanding of the gay community.

“I want to get people thinking outside of a box, spread the idea of love and that we all just need to pump more love out into the world,” Wirsing said. “There are so many ugly things in the world already.  I don’t want people like myself to be adding to it any more than there already is.”

Wirsing said those who may be struggling with their identities need to know they aren’t alone, and there are plenty of places to go if they need somewhere to express their feelings.

“I would never tell people things aren’t difficult, because they are difficult,” Wirsing said. “Make sure there are people in your community you know you can go to and surround yourself with.”