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Founded 1901

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The Golden Dragon Acrobats tumble to campus


All the way from China, the Golden Dragon Acrobats will bring new, awe-inspiring routines to UW-Whitewater.

The group will perform at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 15 in the Young Auditorium.

The Golden Dragon Acrobats traveling within the U.S. include 24 people from all over China. 20 of them excel in the art of acrobatics and four others serve as technical support.

Producer and Director Danny Chang’s father, Lien Chi Chang, founded the Golden Dragon Acrobats in 1967.

Art Fegan, agent for the group, said Danny Chang transformed his passion for acrobatics and gymnastics into a career by going to various schools in China and choosing performers.

Fegan said it is a great honor to be involved in the group because participation requires great discipline and training.

The performers chosen learn how to perform as an acrobat at a very young age. Most are immersed in training by the time they are four years old.

“What these kids do with their body, the precision, the strength, the beauty, everything about the human body as the instrument, everybody can relate to,” Fegan said. “It’s really amazing what they can do.”

Once chosen, the performers train for over three months before an audience actually witnesses their skills.

Fegan said they train like Olympic gymnasts, making sure their precision is correct because “if they are a quarter inch off, they can really hurt themselves.”


The Young Auditorium’s Marketing Director Leslie LaMuro agreed and said, “They go into positions you don’t think are really possible.”

LaMuro helps bring acts to campus and said this show was something she had to bring back to UW- Whitewater, because it has been popular in the past. The performance will feature remnants of Cirque du Soleil, she added.

“Students will not have to think about anything else while watching this show,” LaMuro said. “They will simply be able to enjoy it, and have pure fun while watching what these acrobats have to offer.”

The Golden Dragon Acrobats will put on a show that combines both traditional and modern Chinese acrobats.

The performance will be suitable for people of all ages, including children who will love the bright colors of the acrobats’ costumes, and  adults who will be amazed by the distorted positions the performers can mold their bodies into.

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Founded 1901
The Golden Dragon Acrobats tumble to campus