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Managing editor thanks paper for confidence in self

Scout Springgate, Managing Editor

September 16, 2019

As the managing editor for the Royal Purple this year, I plan to use my position to further my journalistic experience and create a memorable senior year. When I entered the UW-W scene in 2016 as a freshman, I had no journ...

Issues arise for Warhawk’s laundry in local residence halls

September 16, 2019

It is already bad enough to do laundry in college, when you have to go downstairs multiple times a day, carrying your heavy laundry, and have the machines be continuously full. It’s even worse when you have to walk all the way...

Why deaf awareness month matters to everyone

September 16, 2019

I’m Jack Burrows, a senior here at UW-W. I transferred here last fall and have no regrets. I am an Electronic Media major with a minor in Corporate Communications. I play the trombone in the trombone ensemble here at UW-W. I...

New Hall not prepared for students

Nick Matsunaga

September 9, 2019

Dear Royal Purple Reader, The New Hall has become tiresome to become accommodated with. To begin, the time of estimated completion was scheduled for three to four months prior to the fall 2019 semester. That date was bumped ...

Message from Chancellor Watson

Dr. Dwight Watson, Chancellor

September 9, 2019

Dear Warhawks, Welcome to the 2019-20 academic year. For some of you, this day marks the first day of your last year on campus. For others, like me, it marks the first day of your first year at UW-Whitewater. No matter where ...

Chaos in the making towards another successful year

Catherine Smith, Editor

September 9, 2019

While the chaos of the beginning of the year is at play, freshman take on one of the greatest challenges and changes that life can offer; professors return back to campus to indulge in academia for our beneficial future, and p...

Alternatives to a Bachelor’s Degree

Evan Halpop, Multimedia Editor

September 9, 2019

It is that time of the year again where students flood campuses across the United States aiming to earn their bachelors’ degree. Yet, there are always a group of students that don’t know if they are capable of earning the...

Lifestyle editor grateful to have another year

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

September 2, 2019

Dear Royal Purple Reader, Welcome to an exciting new school year - new professors, new classes, new memories to make and a million new chances to improve from last year. The idea of a new beginning is always exciting. For as long...

A freshman looks ahead to a new year

Savannah Hernandez, Assistant News Editor

September 2, 2019

I always knew I was going to go to college one day, but now that that day is finally here, it feels a little surreal. Moving away to college always seemed like a destination on the horizon until it was right in front of my fa...

Time management and taking time for you

Jackson Mihm, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

September 2, 2019

Getting ready for the school year is a big task. Many students underestimate the benefits of preparing for the upcoming school year before it starts. Whether it’s the first day of school or starting the last semester in college, t...

Thanks for the memories, good times Royal Purple staff

Nicole Aimone, Editor-in-Chief

May 6, 2019

I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was 10 years old. Most kids would say they wanted to be an astronaut or a princess, and then there was me proudly announcing that I was going to be a reporter. Trust me, the adults in the...

The people of the RP have forever changed me

Benjamin Pierce, Managing Editor

May 6, 2019

Writer Anna Taylor once said, “Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them.” When I arrived at the Royal Purple and the University of Wisconsin...

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