Royal Purple

It won’t take this combine long to finish picking the remaining corn in this field

Harvest time means busy time

Chris Hardie, Contributor October 10, 2021

It’s harvest time in the country, with farmers busy in the fields at all hours of the day collecting the annual crops. The warm and dry fall has created ideal harvest conditions so far across...

This sycamore growing on the Hardie farm is a survivor.

Hardie sycamore is a hardy survivor

Chris Hardie, Contributor October 3, 2021

Fall is the time of year when we enjoy the different trees and the range of colors they display as the leaves start to change. Maples, birch, elm, ash, hickory, walnut, poplar and oaks account for...

Warm fall day sparks memories of cinnamon

Warm fall day sparks memories of cinnamon

Chris Hardie, Contributor September 26, 2021

Memories are strange things at times because you never know what triggers recollections from the aging gray matter. It’s been years — decades, really — since I thought of the times on the...

The sudden signs of summers end

The sudden signs of summer’s end

Chris Hardie, Contributor September 23, 2021

And suddenly, summer is over. The astronomical beginning of fall will be at 2:21 p.m. Central Daylight Time on Wednesday, Sept. 22, when the sun crosses the equator and we have equal amounts of...

A view of some of the sea caves along the north shore of Lake Superior.

Lakeshore trip reminds of Wisconsin’s natural beauty

Chris Hardie, Contributor September 5, 2021

Do teachers still require students coming back to school to write about what they did on their summer vacation? It’s been decades since I’ve had to complete that assignment, but having recently...

Two iron wheels salvaged from the farm junkyard on the Hardie farm.

Wisconsin’s farm treasures still exist

Chris Hardie, Contributor September 5, 2021

Bit by bit, the smaller homestead farms disappear a little more each year as houses and buildings are torn down or left to decay. But if you look closely while driving through farm country you can...

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