Royal Purple News


The Royal Purple is the independent, student-run weekly newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Its goals are to provide the students, faculty and staff with a forum for news, entertainment and sporting events, as well as provide an open forum for opinions and commentary on events and issues that affect the students. The Royal Purple will also provide a medium for advertising, a laboratory learning experience to the students of UW-Whitewater and a permanent record of contemporary events throughout the campus and community. The Royal Purple has an editorial and an advertising staff, an adviser and a staff of reporters. This staff retains the right to choose content and to determine the priority of stories for its readers. No other individuals have the right to review or censor the content of the Royal Purple prior to publication.

The Royal Purple will strive to present the news in an objective manner. The writers will be encouraged to research the views, policies or actions that are being reported. Opinions will belong only to sources and will be clearly attributed. The Royal Purple will use fairness, impartiality, accuracy, truthfulness and responsibility in presenting ideas to its readers without editorializing.

The Royal Purple is published every Monday in print and online during the school year, as well as a winter and summer issue.  Circulation is 5,000, and newspapers are distributed to
newsstands throughout the UW-W campus and community Monday afternoons except in cases of severe weather or security alerts.

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