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Orchestra focuses on music of the world

October 16, 2014

By Hilary Igl   At midnight any day of the week the trill of violins, trumpets, clarinets and many other instruments can be heard when walking by practice rooms in the Center of the Arts. The late-night preparations mean the Whitewater Symphony Orchestra members have an upcoming performance. Senior...

New director takes reigns of orchestra

March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014 By Lauren Piek   The Whitewater Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of first year director Christopher Ramaekers, has introduced many changes, incuding an unusual soloist choice for the upcoming recital. Recent concerto competition winner and senior Jennifer Jones...

Professors collaborate with students

Professors collaborate with students

March 5, 2014

Chamber Orchestra concert showcases talents  March 5, 2014 By Abrielle Backhaus By Signe Trewyn   In the Chamber Orchestra, professors are not only educators; they are partners. Instead of the usual professor-to-student format, students and professors play side-by-side. Chamber Orchestra Dir...

Orchestra set to perform with new director

Orchestra set to perform with new director

October 9, 2013

By Elise McArdle   Christopher Ramaekers is the new director for this year’s Chamber Orchestra, and he said he has some big ideas for the group. “My plan is really to explore this great music that would better be performed by a group other than the symphony orchestra,” Ramaekers said. ...

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