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Beer lovers become beer brewers

April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014 By Rumasa Noor MobCraft Beer provides an opportunity for people to submit beer recipes on its website. The recipe with the most votes get turned into brewed beer. The company was founded by Henry Schwartz, Giotto Troia and Andrew Gierczak. “It’s a crowdsourced brewery,...

Schwartz’s dreadlock sale a grand success

April 27, 2011

  Senior Henry Schwartz recently cut off his dreadlocks as a fundraiser for brain cancer research. He has raised $3,550 so far. Schwartz is also doing a 50/50 raffle that ends today where ticket buyers guess the weight of his dreads. The closest guesser wins. For more information, visit

Dreads for donations

March 30, 2011

Despite his numerous entrepreneurial projects and world travels, senior Henry Schwartz is most recognizable for his head full of dreadlocks. But anyone who easily recognizes him for this physical trait will soon need to find another way to identify him. With 52 dreadlocks on his head, Schwartz is...

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