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Black History Month should be celebrated year-round

Black History Month should be celebrated year-round

February 5, 2014

Feb. 5, 2014 Editorial Staff Opinion Black History Month is supposed to be a time for people to celebrate the rich history and culture of black Americans, and to educate people on that subject. But there is one major problem with the concept of “Black History Month”: by restricting an entire...

Keeping Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory alive


January 23, 2013

It has been over 45 years since Martin Luther King Jr.’s death, and Jan. 21, 2013 marked the 27th annual celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Members of UW-Whitewater’s Black Student Union have promoted King’s message by encouraging the growth and development of students for over 40 ye...

An eye-opening spring break experience

March 30, 2011

As we approached thirty hours total bus travel, I realized that our week had come to an end and that the people I had spent the last week hanging around with, talking with and growing with were all going to head in their own directions.  Although we were parting in a physical sense, our minds have a similar quest to bring about unity, equa...

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