Five things employers look for

By Rumasa Noor

Getting a job in this economy can be incredibly difficult, especially with rising competition. Employers are more demanding about what they want from the new hires. It is important for college grads to earn a competitive advantage over their peers so they can secure jobs easily.  Here are the top five things that employers look for, when they hire new graduates.

1- Strong verbal communication

Employers look for people who are good with verbal communication. In some work places, you might need to communicate with customers, vendors and people within the same organization working in different departments. No matter what,  being able to effectively communicate is very important.

2- Capable of working on a team

In most work places, ranging from retail to a more professional environment, team work is required. Employers consider it a very important skill for you to be able to work with other people because most jobs require you to work as a part of team.

3- Decision-making and problem-solving

Employers do not want you to be completely dependent on them. Instead, they look for the employees who can work on their own and are able to solve problems without supervision. They also want you to be able to make the right decisions that are in the company’s best interest.

4- Planning and organizing skills

A lot of employers require you to have good leadership and multi-tasking skills, which means that they want you to be able to plan your projects ahead of time, as well as organize and prioritize your work.

5- Ability to obtain, process information

Being able to understand the information that you are given, as well as making something out of it, is another skill employers look for. They expect college grads to be quick learners, and they want them to be capable of working on their own.

*The main points on this list have been taken from Jesus Vasquez.

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