Love, heartbreak and karaoke

Feb. 12, 2014

By Signe Trewyn


You don’t have to spend big bucks to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

There will be a free karaoke event at 8 p.m., Feb. 14, in the University Center Down Under.



SEAL intern Rachel Lee said karaoke events take place frequently on campus, two or three times a semester, but this is the first Valentine’s Day-themed karaoke event.

Lee said there are contests throughout the karaoke night to keep the event exciting.

Lee said she feels the Love or Heartbreak contest will bring a lot of interest.

“Participants can choose either a song about love or heartbreak and sing it and then have their names drawn out of a bowl in order to win the contest,” Lee said.

Participants are not subject to sing only love songs, but are allowed to sing a variety of songs.

“It is like a raffle,” Lee said. “But people can come and sing on their own, too, without doing the competition.”

Lee said because it is planned to be a Valentine’s Day event, people may think it is just for couples, but the event is intended for all students.

“It is a fun activity for singles and couples alike while winning prizes along the way,” Lee said.



Sophomore Bradin Arndt said he was interested in attending the event, along with other students looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I went to karaoke once, but otherwise not very often,”Arndt said. “I sang one song, it is fun to watch.”

Arndt said he believes this event is different than other karaoke events that have occurred on campus.

“These events are a good opportunity to go out and have fun while meeting new people along the way,” Arndt said.

Freshman Kaitlyn Johns said she plans on attending the event and would even take the stage to sing a song by Beyoncé.

Johns said she would not participate in the Love or Heartbreak contest but enjoys singing and would be willing to sing karaoke.

“Singing would be my favorite part of the event,” Johns said.

She has gone to one other SEAL event during her time on campus so far and said she is glad SEAL is hosting a Valentine’s Day themed event for all students.

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