Must think of middle class workers in governor election

Oct. 15 2014

People think politicians are just people who only work to enhance their self image and would do anything to get backing money to keep their jobs. Look at the person who with the very rich backers took away the basic union rights of all public workers except police and firemen. You might say it doesn’t affect me so it just doesn’t matter. But the public workers are the teachers who basically train and develop our children, health workers who take care of our mentally and physically incapacitated and city workers who keep our cities clean and functioning.

So who cares about unions if you have never been involved? Unions that were started to ensure workers rights including wages, health, safety and pensions. If none of these efforts existed then America would still have one class of rich and one class of poor like most third world countries and no large a middle class. Unionization of workers formed a middle class in America and now look what has happened in Wisconsin.

Taking away of the union rights. Don’t allow them to negotiate to maintain what our forefathers for years had fought for. Think about all the early union workers who actually gave their lives to force unionization in America and consequently build a middle class. Some early local union workers who marched in the Milwaukee Bay View Massacre and the Chicago Hay Market Square who were killed during those marches. These are just two of hundreds of worker actions that actually cost their lives to promote unions that built the complete American middle class. It is that large middle class who purchases the products from our farmers and small businesses that maintains the economic base in America. So who will the rich go after next so that they can reduce workers wages, insurance and pensions and increase their profits? We live in a country whose CEOs make millions and millions. Do you think they care about the lives of any union workers who define middle class existence? The work is being sent to third world countries only to increase profits. Why do you think so much rich people’s money is being spent on support of a governor who takes away people’s union rights. What group will be the next to lose their rights?

Think about this when you stand to take away workers rights – stand to reduce wages – stand to reduce workers health – stand to reduce workers safety – stand to reduce workers pensions – stand to disrespect those workers who gave their lives to build a middle class America. You stand and what do you think all the poor/middle class workers feel about you when they see your stand signs in your yard or business? Yes vote for the next governor and think about what you are really doing for all the poor/middle class workers and all those rich people in America.

– Ken Karwowski
Kansasville, WI

*Letter has been edited for clarity and spelling.

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