Pin your artistic talent down with SEAL


By Abrielle Backhaus


Creative students can put their imagination to use at SEAL’s Pinterest Night.

SEAL selected three different crafts for students to make, including a painted or decorated wooden letter “W,” a painted or decorated picture frame, or tissue paper flowers.

“The idea is to let people come and to choose one craft to do, and then if that’s finished and they want to choose another one, they can,” SEAL intern Amanda Jouett said.


There is no registration deadline, but supplies are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There are 100 of each of the wooden pieces for people to decorate and an excess of colored tissue paper for flowers.

“It’s one of the more interactive events that we have,” Jouett said. “A lot of our events are musicians or comedians or we have a juggler this semester where people come and watch an event. We do have karaoke and Bingo, but this is kind of a different one that people can actually be interactive, more involved.”

Three hundred students are expected to attend the event. Jouett said the crafts are much different this year compared to last year which may determine how many students attend.

As with most SEAL events, Pinterest Night is free.

“The money that we use to pay for Pinterest Night comes out of the SEAL budget, and SEAL gets their budget through SUFAC,” SEAL manager Samantha Pick said. “It’s allocated funds that we were given from students, so that’s why we take the money and give it back to them in a sense by letting them do some type of craft or activity.”


SEAL intends to provide students with a variety of educcational and social programs that help students engage with one another as a non-alcoholic weekend alternative.

“It’s going to be fun to see the students interacting similar to like when we did Harvest Fest when we did at pumpkin painting,” Pick said. “Like you come with a group of people but then you interact and you meet new people and learn new things.”

Student Kelsie Quinn, Pinterest user, said Pinterest Night sounds like a fun activity.

“When I think Pinterest Night, I think Do-It-Yourself projects,” Quinn said.

For Quinn, time doesn’t play in her favor to attend events like these.

“I don’t have the time, so I wouldn’t,” Quinn said, “I would otherwise.”

Quinn said the most interesting craft, to her, is the decorated picture frame.

“You know you’re coming, and you can create a memory watching a musician, or you can make something with your friends and then you have something tangible too,” Jouett said. “You know you can take home the “W” or the picture frame and you can put a picture from that night in there. It’s something that you can create a physical memory with.”

Pinterest Night willl be held at 8 p.m. on Jan. 29 in the UC-Down Under.