Online networking provides way to secure employment

Jan. 21, 2015

By Rumasa Noor

With increasing competition in the job market, it has become extremely vital for candidates to look for more than one ways to acquire employment.
Networking is one of the more popular ways to land a job.
In fact, some even say that there are only a few ways to secure employment at noteworthy companies, and the best way to get in is through networking. Most companies prefer candidates who are referred by their employees, or someone they know.

Online networking
Although it isn’t always possible to know a person who works at your dream company, there is one way around it: online networking.
Online networking may not be considered the central way to make connections, but it certainly provides a means to broaden your horizons and find more opportunities.
Many online forums, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, serve this purpose.
Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn is specifically intended toward business networking, which allows individuals to reach a wider range of opportunities.
Etiquette of  approaching networks
One of the key things about online networking is to connect with the professionals appropriately—knowing how to convey your message to them.
In an article on U.S. News, journalist Ritika Trikha mentioned that many candidates make the mistake of asking too many questions while networking on Linkedin. The proper thing to do is to ask the “most important question,” and ask follow-up questions later.
“Networking isn’t about immediate results. It’s about building mutually beneficial relationships,” according to Trikha. “Avoid getting carried away and asking about the job prospects at a particular company. Keep it more general and discuss your overall career—and look for ways to add value for your desired connection.”
Other forums such as Twitter and even Facebook can be used to reach out to industry professionals.