Haute Hawks: Spring fashion reinvents old trends

April 15, 2015

By Jordan Gittens

This spring is the spring of resurgence; all of the trends you thought had died down are making their comeback and are doing so in a giant way.

It’s time to focus on overalls, denim, prints and construction. From the Parisian runways to Whitewater, we can show you what to expect this year, how to wear it and bring a fresh breath of air to your closet.

Look at designers such as J.W. Anderson for construction, Mary Katrantzou for prints, the obvious choice of Levi’s for your denim and almost anywhere for rompers. If you choose your pieces carefully, you can bring it together and the gods will praise your look.

Let’s start with the denim. While we’ve made fun of the Canadian tuxedo for years, it is back and thriving; however, it can go so wrong. There are a few rules for rocking this vintage look and looking chic while doing so. First rule of the game is to wear two different shades of denim of which you can tell the difference of but not so much that you’re wearing a dark wash and a bleached jean. Secondly, never wear a full jean when doing this; it becomes far too much, and you can get too hot throughout the day. To do this, try finding a loose boyfriend jean that crops right above the ankle. Pair this with a button down, denim-looking top with loosely rolled up sleeves, a few buttons undone and you’ve mastered the disheveled, ‘I don’t care’ look. Class it up with a pair of single colored flats and a couple bracelets to match those flats, and you’ve got yourself a fresh new look for this spring.

Now for the prints. The time where you can wear all of the prints is back and it’s great, but you don’t want to over-do it. Let’s start with a brightly colored fitted-dress that comes to just above the knees with arms that come to just below the bicep. This dress can have all of the eclectic patterns that it wants to carry, and as long as your accessories don’t over power, it can be pulled off. Here comes the tricky part, because now is the time where your accessories can have patterns, too. Try pairing your brightly colored dress with a nude snakeskin heel or flat and a purse to match. It brings a sense of subtlety to your outfit without screaming that you like a good pattern.

When we say “construction” people automatically think hard hats and orange vests, when in fact what we mean is pieces with a strong line and curve. Blazers are your friend, but also dresses and shorts can be, too. Choose a dress with a sharp edge at the bottom or a piece at the top that you may think may be too out there. Take a chance, and you’ll make a difference in your wardrobe. A structured blazer with embellishments on the chest go great with a crop top, flats and a cropped boyfriend jean. This way you can look boho chic without looking like a homeless person, if that’s your desired aesthetic.

A few years ago, the overall came back into style but quickly died down as they were associated with a time where fashion wasn’t quite at its peak; however, they are making a leap into our hearts and leaving a big impression. The great thing about overalls is the length doesn’t matter. All you need is a pair of overalls, a crop top and a pair of flats. This makes for the perfect every day class to class outfit and it doesn’t take too much effort to get into. If you want to class it up a little for a night out, ditch the flats for a pair of brightly colored pointed heels and a clutch. Wearing this while holding a martini gives you the Samantha Jones look that every girl desires.

For a closer look at what is happening in Whitewater this spring, you can join me at the Second Annual Spring Fashion Show which takes place on Sunday, April 19 from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the UC Hamilton Room. Here, you can find me and we can talk about the do’s and don’ts for this spring, and look at what this city has to offer.

For more information see whitewaterchamber.com.

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