That what he said/she said … I recently started seeing a girl, but lately she’s been really hot and cold with me. What should I do?

He Said …


By Tim Gumz & Kellen Olshefski

The truth of the matter is, a man can only take so much and wait for so long before it’s time to move on.

After awhile, the waiting game gets tiring. Eventually, you’ll get sick of the random phone calls or text messages, feeling like it’s just a ploy to keep you on a tether.

If you’ve been toyed with like a yo-yo, drawn in and out over and over, eventually you get sick of it. This is when you just move on.

It’s not fair to you to sit around and wait on someone who doesn’t know what they want. It might not be an easy thing to do, but in the long run you’ll be a better person for it and come out on top.

It’s an upsetting feeling and the best thing you can do is to walk away before you get too attached and let them warp your mind into a new realm of anxiety.

You have to view it as a learning experience and realize there are plenty of other people out there for the taking.

It’s similar to public transportation. You get off one bus, wait for a bit, and another bus is sure to come along. If you don’t like what is there, you just wait a little bit longer for the next one.

You can’t make everyone happy, and when you’ve been played over and over, you have to make your happiness your No. 1 priority.

She said …

By Alyssa Skiba


If you want to save yourself time, effort and happiness, call it quits. From the sounds of it, she is the type of person who likes the idea of a relationship until it begins to happen. Then she freaks out and will ignore your calls or text messages for days while she tries to “figure herself out.”

Sometimes people think too much about what is happening. Other times, they really just aren’t into the other person, but don’t want to let them go for fear that (with time) they just might be the right person for them. It’s just a load of confusion on their part.

Relationships are trial and error. When you meet someone you really like, you show them you care about them and want to be with them. When you meet someone and realize you don’t want to be with them, you break things off before it gets too serious.

Sounds simple, but for some people, it’s really difficult.

If she is making things this confusing at the very beginning of your relationship (when it should be more fun than anything), imagine how things will be once you really start dating. Run while you can.

As overused as it may seem, honesty really is the key to relationships, especially in the beginning. If you don’t click with a person, you don’t click. But there is no reason to stall on being honest while they sit in the dark, unsure of what’s happening.

Somewhere out there is a girl who knows she wants to be with you. Don’t let her sit and wait while you do the same for the girl who just isn’t sure.