Bro… A night out with supervillains

Bro... A night out with supervillains

By Jordan Moser

Oct. 14, 2015


These are the kids that your parents warned you about. Whether the be violent, strange or just plain mean, hanging out with these individuals on a Thursday night will always make for an interesting story in the morning.

Mr. Freeze (Batman)

Victor is a sophomore studying something in the biology department. Nobody really knows him personally, but even in his free time he is at the science building putting in extra work on what he calls his “special project.” Ever since his girlfriend, Nora, dumped him and transferred to the state school up north last semester, Victor has been particularly pissed off about everything. If you asked any random student what they knew about Victor, they would say, “That dude is a f—–n’ trooper!” Victor has this really weird quirk about not wanting to go out to house parties in the fall, but as soon as the snow begins to fall and the temperature drops dangerously low, something comes over him and he is all about partying. He fills up his flask of Jägermeister and walks through the blistering cold and occasionally wanders off on his own to parties that are far out of the range of the typical partygoer.

Morbius (Spiderman)

Michael is a freshman studying Pre-Med. He’s the kind of guy that you meet at a house party and you consistently see him out every week, yet it’s like he doesn’t exist during the daytime. If you knock on his door during the day, he’s never there. But if you go to visit at night, it seems like he never left. He’s not a lady-killer by any means, but Michael is probably one of the best wingmen a guy could ever meet. It’s not his fault, but Michael usually creeps girls out which gives his closest friends the opportunity to swoop in and, more than likely, end up going home with them. He’s always that guy who is the last one at the party because he is just incredibly drunk and doesn’t want to go home. Then when you go to check on him in the morning to assess his hangover, his door is locked once again. It is quite ironic that he claims that he makes the best Bloody Marys, yet he is never around in the morning…

Lex Luthor

Girls love him, guys hate him. Alex is a non-traditional student who says he’s coming back to college to get his degree in Political Science to pair with his already existing Engineering degree. As a well dressed, well spoken 29 year old, the drunk girls at the college bar flock to him while the younger guys usually leave to go to a different bar. Alex walks around like he owns the place, drinking whiskey and tequila, buying drinks for every girl in the bar and talking to anybody he pleases. Honestly, Alex is the depiction of everything a college guy wants to be 10 years out of school, but the fact that he always hangs out at the best college bar in the city and steals all the spotlight is enough to make your average drunk college guys despise him.

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