Workshop solves headphone tragedy

By Alexandria Goodwin- Salas

Oct. 20, 2015

Imagine a perfect world where headphones did not tangle the moment you put them into your bag or pocket. The Wrap Your Headphones workshop taught attendees the joys of that perfect world.

Senior Hannah Schliesman and sophomores Cassie Meyer, Annie Kailhofer and Jordyn Schmidt, employees from Roberta’s Art Gallery, taught the workshop in at 4:30 on Oct. 19 in the University Center. The workshop was free and refreshments were provided.

There was a table filled with crafting materials that was used for the cases and the headphones with examples of how they could be designed. At the next table there were places for each person set with a headphone case, a nametag and a feedback sheet.

After an introduction of the workshop by Schliesman, everyone was taught how to decorate cases and wrap headphones in a way that would prevent the frustration that follows a mangled headphone debauchery.

The start of the event was buzzing with conversation between participants, but as the decorating began, the social group fell silent with concentration.

Freshman Lauren Von Rueden learned about the workshop through her peer mentor. Her favorite part about the workshop was decorating the cases.

“It gives you a lot of creative possibilities,” Von Rueden said.

Schliesman brought everyone’s attention to Meyer and Kailhofer in order to teach the group how to wrap their headphones. Meyer explained that wrapping the headphones was like making a friendship bracelet out of string. Soon after everyone chose the color string they would use and got to work.

“We look for things we would want to do as students,” Schliesman said.

The next workshop is the Renovated Record Clocks workshop at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 17. People can sign up in Roberta’s Art Gallery located in the University Center.

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