Workshop attendees turn cans into lamps

Feb. 16, 2016

By Aleda Johnson

Turning a can into an unusual lamp sounds like something right off of a Pinterest board, but Roberta’s Art Gallery held a workshop to teach students how to do just that. The workshop was open for anyone with a beginners-to-advanced level of artistic ability; it was free and provided all materials.

The cans were pre-painted white for participants and had the tops already cut off. A tin can lamp can be made with a soda can or a soup can. For the workshop, they used soda cans because they are easier to puncture than tin soup cans according to Milliam Lor, the workshop’s graduate lead.

The first step was painting the can. The workshop offered many paint options and brushes for whatever design the participant desired.

After the paint dried, participants used a t-pin to poke the initial holes and then a larger nail to vary the hole sizes. The workshop offered many different pattern ideas and provided guidance to anyone who had questions.

“It’s a nice relaxing workshop with the art gallery,” said Lor.

Roberta’s Art Gallery usually hosts a workshop once a month with varying activities.

“We either have guest facilitators lead the workshop or one of us that works at the gallery will come up with our own ideas for a workshop,” Lor said. “We have a custom mug decorating workshop, embroidery workshop and a Pinterest-themed workshop coming up this semester.”

Many people learn about the workshops through word of mouth. Junior Kassidy Mack, said she learned about it from her roommate, Hayley Huges who works at Roberta’s Art Gallery.

“The workshop was fun, and I learned that I can paint,” Mack said.

Information about upcoming events can be found on the UC Blog and the Roberta’s Art Gallery website, They can be signed up for ahead of time by emailing [email protected] or calling 262-472-3193.

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