City Market offers seasonal foods, entertainment

Hailee Jensen, Staff Writer

Whitewater’s first-ever winter market has brought a grocery display of organic goods to the city every Tuesday.

The Winter Market is held every Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Cravath Lakefront Community Center. As well as once a month one of the markets will be featuring 25 to 30 vendors from, 4 to 7 p.m. in Whitewater’s American Legion.

Smaller weekly markets consist of around five vendors. The weekly market includes products from produce, honey and beeswax, granola, bakery items, jams, as well as desserts such as chocolate and candies. Lesters, one of the vendors, sells a variety of meat from chicken, pork, beef, as well as bison.

“Even though its really small… you can really do a lap, especially once the greens come back and really do a decent job with stocking your kitchen for the week,” Courtney Nelson said.

The larger market, happening once a month, has more options. The monthly Market will have many of the favorites from summer such as kettle corn, pizza, as well as another brewery taking Second Salem’s spot. Market will also have art as well and live music entertainment.

The summer market has brought a large crowd, and when winter came, the market was not as packed. This brought concern to Nelson. Upon discovery the Winter Market is a place for people to run in and be in their car in 10 minutes. People shuffle through fast and vendors have been selling like crazy.

“I think the strongest difference is selection and we don’t live in a region where things are available year round, weekly market is really tone, summer is getting people together,” Nelson said.

The market is looking into adding more vendors, many people have asked for handmade cheese, as well as more greens. New vendors will most likely be welcomed in summer due to no preparation for the winter market and will be willing to provide for the coming winter.

“We like the fact that we can continue to provide an outlet for local producers to sell and for people to buy eggs, soap, honey, and other products. And it fills a strong community need for a winter gathering spot,” Kristine Zaballos said.

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