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Badger praises former Gov.

David A. Pettersen, Junior, UW-Madison

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Vitamin D? Discovered at UW. First isolating and culturing of human embryonic stem cells? Happened at UW.

All around us, history is being made every single day, right here in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Idea: It’s exemplified in the University of Wisconsin’s commitment to research, innovation, and job creation for people all across our beautiful state.

As a political independent and current student, I am grateful for those that have made these efforts possible, which includes countless Democrats and Republicans who have worked together over the years. Despite the fact that one may not always agree with his politics, Former Governor Tommy Thompson invested in UW as governor – and his recent video offering his support of our grand university is proof that he cares deeply about helping bridge the divide between the state and the university.

For that, the ole Badger deserves bipartisan praise. Today, leaders like Gov. Thompson are a rare find, though I have never been more confident that, with people like the former governor cheering our state school on, our system of higher education will once again be seen as the economic powerhouse that it is.

Our state universities belong to the people of Wisconsin. Thank you, Gov. Thompson!

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The student news site of the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Badger praises former Gov.