Alumnus has political experience despite youth

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Dear Editor,

Please bear with me for a moment. While we are seeing so much coverage on the Governor’s and our U.S. Senator races lately, it can be so easy to tune out and overlook the crucial races for state senate and state assembly seats in our statehouse.

These are going to be our voices, the very people who would legislate what will land on the governor’s desk to be signed into law.  It is essential that we know our candidates for these important positions. The voters in the State Assembly District 43 have a wonderful opportunity to really make a difference this November with electing Gabriel Szerlong to be our representative in Madison.

Gabriel Szerlong is running against incumbent Don Vruwink. Mr. Vruwink is an one term incumbent, and I know  some of you in the 43rd district are pleased with him. He had been good about reporting to us the going ons in the statehouse over the last two years.

He personally responded to constituent letters and messages. His many years experience in public service probably helped him to serve us quite well.  However, I know there are many of you concerned that he is not always looking to move Wisconsin forward as the rest of the State Assembly, the Senate and the Governor has done for the last eight years. We have an opportunity to help continue moving Wisconsin forward by electing Gabriel Szerlong in the 43rd Assembly this November.

Gabriel is a 2017 UW-Whitewater graduate and a native and lifelong resident of Milton. In spite of his youth, he is already familiar with the way around at State Capitol from having been an intern and more recently being with the Legislative support staff. He has been mentored and encouraged by state senators, state assemblymen and other politicians. His mother had been in education all her working life and his father had his own small business for 31 years. So he is keenly aware of issues affecting our state schools and small businesses throughout the state. He is so looking forward to knowing and meeting many of you in the 43rd Assembly district. Gabriel is well prepared to be your representative.

We have an opportunity to really make a difference this November. Let’s look past all the coverage and advertising that we have been getting about this election and not miss this opportunity. Know your candidates for the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly, and in the 43rd district, vote for Gabriel Szerlong.

—Thomas Paull

Whitewater, Wisconsin Resident

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