Habitat for Humanity gears up for spring

Charlie Fries, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

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With winter looming outside, it can be helpful for many students to brighten up their dorms with a little greenery. While it’s typically hard to get houseplants this time of year, the UW-Whitewater chapter of Habitat for Humanity gave students a way to purchase plants that also goes towards a specific cause.

Emma Ryan, spring break coordinator for Habitat for Humanity, explained how the money is being used.

“The plant sale was raising money for our organization, and most of our money goes towards our spring break trip,” said Ryan. “This year we are going to Birmingham, Alabama and there we will work with an affiliate to build and renovate homes.”

During the rest of the year, Habitat for Humanity has one simple goal: to provide for those in need. While the chapter is commonly known for building houses, during the wintertime they also branch out.

“We also help out in local homes by doing ‘hire a habitator’, and that is when we reach out to facilities or locals to see if they need help around their home,” said Ryan.

Habitat for Humanity’s plant sale funds will go to help the chapter build homes in Alabama during their spring break, Tonia Kapitan, information services and Warhawk Alley coordinator, believes that kindness is just within what the chapter does.

“I think the students are always looking for fun and creative ways to make money for a great cause, helping to build affordable housing for those in need,” said Kapitan.