Innovation Center welcomes first private tenant

Blackthorne Capital, an innovative financial management start-up company, became the first private tenant at the Innovation Center in the Whitewater University Technology Park.

“Whitewater is made up of unique people, like the chancellor and faculty, who embrace dynamic partnerships, fostering new ideas and research,” said Peter Layton, co-founder and principal investor of Blackthorne Capital
Management, in a release.

Blackthorne, which focuses on research and development, currently employs 11 UW-Whitewater students as interns. More than six faculty members have partnered with the company, including professors from statistics, math, public relations and graphic arts.

Blackthorne will reach out through UW-Whitewater and form partnerships with other research institutions and universities with the goal of creating a collaborative environment promoting excellence in financial research, Layton said.

Thoughout the three-year lease, Blackthorne will occupy one of the largest suites, about 780 square feet, in the Innovation Center.

“They’re the perfect fit for what we are trying to accomplish here,” Chancellor Richard Telfer said in a release. “Businesses and entrepreneurs will
find the Innovation Center a nurturing place to help them thrive.”

The two other tenants that have already moved in include Cooperative Educational Service Agency 2 and the Jefferson Eastern Dane Interactive Network. CESA 2 is the state’s largest CESA and JEDI is a distance-learning and virtual classroom group.

City Manager Kevin Brunner said the city is working with other potential tenants for the Innovation Center as the May 5 grand opening ceremony approaches.

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