Apple products continue to rise in UW-W popularity

Carina Lopez Quintero, Lifestyle Editor

Students all around campus are taking part in the hands-free and stylish experience of wireless headphones. At least one student on every walk has their ears plugged in listening to their favorite songs or podcasts. They have many advantages, especially on a campus where students find themselves often carrying books and backpacks. Students like Natalie Mayer, a Junior majoring in English, really understands the benefits of wearing wireless headphones.

“I love wearing my AirPods. They are so easy to use when I am carrying all of my coursework around campus,”  Mayer said.

There are no inconveniences to them, whether you like them for their mobility or, for a better lack of words, to avoid conversation.

It is time to ditch the wires, and start participating in the trend. Especially popular are Apple’s headphones, AirPods. These will be the headphones that most students have, including Mayer. These are the “must-have” item, but of course, there are various others that are just as effective and possibly more affordable for college students. The JLab JBuds Air Wireless Earphones are another great brand that students may lean towards and its cost is way less than Airpods.

Regardless of the preferred earbud,  it is certain that students all around campus are walking around wire-free.

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