Dreamers make impact on campus

Carina Lopez, Lifestyle Editor

The DREAM Scholars & Colleagues organization or DSC continues to create awareness surrounding Dreamers and their hardships. It is an organization that goes far beyond being an interest or hobby. They focus on creating social activities, planning fundraisers, administrating scholarships and encouraging others to become politically aware.

DSC is a welcoming environment for Dreamers and their supporters. “Dreamer” is a term that refers to undocumented young adults that have entered this country as minors. Dreamers are allowed into the country under the immigration policy, Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. In order to receive DACA, one has to go through an extensive background check, be an exemplary member of society, and other miscellaneous requirements.

According to DSC’s organization synopsis on Connect, they consider their vision to be to inform and provide awareness of this cause to UW-Whitewater and the surrounding community.

DSC’s current president is Nayeli Govantes Alcantar. Govantes Alcantar is a junior majoring in accounting. She takes a big role in running the org, ensuring that all fundraisers run smoothly, guest speakers are booked, general meetings are run, people are informed on scholarships, and that she stays up to date on policies concerning this issue.

Govantes Alcantar is a Dreamer herself. She has made it her personal mission to shine more light on this issue.

“I am open to saying that I am a Dreamer. Thanks to DSC, it has given me a lot of confidence to tell my story. It is one of the biggest things it has given me. I am so confident in myself and happy to have that support. There are other Dreamers that aren’t okay with sharing their stories and this organization shows that it’s okay, they’re accepted here too,” Govantes Alcantar said.

The organization goes as far as providing immigration lawyers to help DACA recipients figure out their next steps. This way they are not going through legal processes scared and unsure. It is all around a humanitarian group really trying to help in any way possible.

When ready, many DSC members share their personal stories.

“Yes we’re afraid, but at the end of the day we aren’t going to get anything done if we don’t share our stories and actually do something about it,” Govantes Alcantar said.

Sophomore Laura Flores-Cortez, an accounting major who is a member of DSC, shared that some of her favorite meetings consist of other members opening up about their stories.

“I like how sometimes it can get personal. I know it’s hard for people to tell their stories about how they came to the U.S. and now they’re striving.”

DSC also makes it their goal to reach out to high schools and show younger students that it is possible to get higher education as an undocumented student.

Being a Dreamer has become a topic that people are not afraid to talk about anymore. This group keeps empowering them to reach for more.

During their next meeting on Feb. 11, DSC will be hosting their guest speaker, a UW-Whitewater Alumni that worked at the Tornillo, Texas, camps. Their meetings are held every other Tuesday at the University Center in room 266.