“The Love EP” by Corinne Bailey Rae

Almost an entire year after Corrine Bailey Rae released her second album “The Sea” which shed light on her new life, after healing from a tragic loss, the new album “The Love EP” was released on January 25.


Now if you are a fan of Rae, chances are you’re more than aware of “the tragic loss” I am referring to, the death of her husband, saxophonist Jason Rae.

“The Love EP” is compiled of five covered songs, all by artists Rae has found to be most influential in her musical career. Rae puts a new spin on her traditional, jazzy sound and explores all genres and eras of music.

The first track of the new album is a throwback to the ‘80s with Prince’s classic, “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” The song’s synthesized, upbeat tempo will make you want to tease your hair, put on a pair of parachute pants, and wear ridiculously gaudy shades of lipstick, just like it was 1980 all over again.

Next, Rae mimics the grungy sounds of the ‘90s on the second track with the band Belly’s “Low Red Moon.” The artist does, however, bring her own soulful roots into the original raw sounds of Belly. There is also an evident eeriness to this song, if you listen carefully you can hear soft whispers echo in the chorus.

The third track explores the reggae sounds of the late ‘70s with a Bob Marley cover of “Is this Love.” Rae adds modern twists to this song by replacing the steel drum sounds with delicate bluesy piano chords and incorporated two part harmonies into the background.

Sticking with the ‘70s theme, the fourth track covers the Paul McCartney and Wing’s song “My Love.” The light and frothy sounds of the song are guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of any love struck individual.

The last track reflects all the artist has gone through. She concludes her EP album with a cover of “Que Sera, Que Sera,” by Doris Day. The lyrics of this song translate into repetitive words “what will be, will be,” and I feel this truly pays homage to what Rae has gone through. Rae’s struggles to send the message that, although you cannot change the past or control the future, you can find strength and hope that tomorrow will be brighter.

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