Spooky dorm door decor

Spooky season is here, so don’t get scared!


Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor

Spooky season is here now, and there are people celebrating Halloween by decorating their dorm doors. It is the time and place to show the spirit of Halloween on campus by showing your peers and other people that you enjoy the start of the holiday season. It makes the dorm buildings feel a little more haunting than usual, and at night can be a bone-chilling experience as you walk past these darkly decorated doors.

You can be creative through your own hand-made decorations with materials from a resident assistant, or find some cheap materials at local craft, hardware and thrift stores. Make it a decoration that is scary and 3-dimensional like a white tissue paper ghost or a spider made of black pipe cleaners. Draw skeletons with white chalk on black construction paper and of course you’ve got to create a mummy out of toilet paper!

A residence hall full of decorated dorm doors is like walking through a haunted house when everyone gets in the spirit. You could even create a box to hold chocolate and candy for your trick-or-treating floormates. Maybe you will win first place for the most mysterious, eery, unearthly, sinister, cackling door on the floor. You’ll have everyone dancing the Monster Mash and Thriller in no time! 

So spread the cheer, the horror, and the spookiness of Halloween decorations upon your doors. In this pandemic, it may be tricky to traditionally celebrate Halloween, but this is a fun and easy socially-distanced activity that can spook your neighbors. Have a spooktacular time and don’t forget to post your photos to #royalpurplenews on Twitter!