Get moving with virtual workshops


The UW-W Dance Company takes a group photo to remember the moment at the 2019 Emerging Choreographers Concert.

Staying active during the pandemic is easy for participants of the UW-W Dance Company virtual workshops. They try all different types of dances with weekly themes.
“Students can expect a friendly environment with no judgement,” said Vice President Sydney Hood. “We lead a little warm-up and then we begin teaching a short combination. We go through the combination slowly and are consistently making sure everyone understands or seeing if there are any questions. We then run it a few times with music, and we record it at the end. These videos are not mandatory and you do not have to be in it, but it’s a fun way to show your family what you’re doing away at school.”
The Dance Company organization was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing an outlet for people who liked to dance, but either never had before or just wanted a more relaxed setting to dance in.
“It’s a chill environment where you can be comfortable in your own space,” said third year club member Elly Fox.
The virtual workshops are an extension of that idea. Weekly themes welcome a diverse group of students, who prefer different styles of dance. Previous workshops include jazz, contemporary and hip hop.
“I personally dance from my dorm room. It is a little squished, but the choreographers have adjusted the moves for the space that we’re dancing in,” said company member Grace Dellinger.
In addition to learning new dances each week, the company promotes the group as a way to meet new people while having fun and releasing stress.
“Dance Company helps me relax through a tough week. It also brings a smile to my face and it helps me meet new people around campus. It makes me feel good knowing I am a part of something,” said Hood.
Workshops run Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m. For more information visit

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