New Rec Sports app ready for download


Screenshot of the new Sports Rec App taken from a smartphone.

Hannah Avdic, Business and Technology Editor

Recreational Sports just released a new app available to students that serves not only as an information hub, but also allows students to register for intramurals and make reservations for the weight room and group fitness classes.
Assistant Director of Intramural and Club Sports Matt Schneider, and Assistant Director of Fitness and Aquatics Jen Kaina created the app together. They believe the app will promote engagement and awareness. Kaina explained that many students didn’t know the Williams Center was even open last semester, but the new app will now give them the download on fitness.

Due to the rise in social distancing protocols and the need to reserve space in the weightroom and group courses, there was a big push to create the UW-W Rec Sports app. The app provides students with quick access to the weight room and group fitness class reservations.
Before students were signing into their computers, clicking through web pages, logging on before finally signing up, which was a lot of steps. Thanks to the new app, reservations now take less than one minute.
“I was blown away by how easy the app was to use,” says fitness and aquatics program assistant Brett Ebbers. “I have been using the app for a while now, and haven’t found anything I haven’t liked about it. It is very easy to navigate which makes it a lot easier on me to sign up in order to use our facilities.”
The single sign-in feature saves students time by not requiring them to sign on each time to the app, like the desktop version.

For students interested in intramurals, this app is an especially valuable download. It will allow students to register and keep track of intramural schedules right at their fingertips. The app is linked with IMLeagues, which the university has been using prior to the app so users should be familiar with the setup.

Schneider hopes to provide students with a five-star experience. He understands that the app is new and may need some improvement.
“If anyone has any questions, concerns, frustrations or suggestions for the app, we are all ears,” Schneider says. “We want to hear from people.”
Students can contact Recreation Sports regarding any feedback through the app itself. The Rec Sports app is available for download in the Google Play store or through the Apple App Store by searching UW-W Rec Sports.

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