Theatre student looks to future after completing last year

Senior Christopher Tate has participated in Whitewater theatre and dance events for the past four years.

Although Tate was always involved with theatrical performances in high school, his future plans were not always laid out for him. He initially entered college as a prospective social worker.

“I auditioned for ‘Macbeth’ and after getting a part, I fell in love with the Theatre Department. I changed my major during the second semester of my freshman year,” Tate said. “I felt good about the switch because I felt as though I was still fulfilling my ‘humanitarian’ duties.”

Tate said that he has participated in 12 shows at UW-Whitewater, all together. These include, “The Ladies of the Camellias”, “The Provoked Wife,” “The Skin of our Teeth,” “Speech and Debate,” and “The Threepenny Opera.”

He has also been a part of the Dance Department’s “Dancescapes” performances for three years.

“I have liked all of the shows, especially ‘Macbeth’,” Tate said. “I played the ‘1st Murderer’ and got to kill a kid on stage, which sounds awful, but it was an amazing experience.”

Tate said that he also really enjoyed being a part of the production “Urinetown,” in which he played the main character who leads a revolt against the city officials in order to get the rights of free and unrestricted restroom use.

“Chris is great to work with; he is a very genuine person,” Joe Cortez, Tate’s peer in the UW-Whitewater Theatre Department, said. “He is also very easy to work with. He is always willing to do what he needs to do in order to get the part right.”
Cortez has worked with Tate in such productions as “Macbeth,” “The Threepenny Opera,” and “The Provoked Wife.” He was also Cortez’s understudy in the play “Inspecting Carol.”

As of this year, Tate said that he plans to participate in the upcoming production of “Glengarry Glen Ross” and “Dancescapes ’12.” He is also the Assistant Director of “The Edwin Booth Company Presents,” a play written by Professor Angela Iannone.

After this upcoming May, Tate will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Performance.

Tate said that he plans to go to graduate school and get his master’s degree.

“Everyone dreams of going to L.A. and living the high life,” Tate said. “Eventually I hope to do that, but for now I just want to chill and do local shows.”

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