Laughter is the best medicine


Jae He, a sophomore, Brad Seidl, a freshman at UW-Whitewater watches the South Park Vaccination Special on RV.

Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor

Vaccines are finally out there for people to protect themselves against Covid-19 with the help of antibodies to become immune. It has been hard with the pandemic, but vaccines have come out to end that and comedy also came out lately to make us laugh in order to forget all of our troubles we’ve had. Saturday Night Live on NBC is making sketches on vaccines through game shows and a rap song about boomers getting the vaccine. There was a South Park special episode on the vaccine that would make you laugh so hard tears will stream down your face over the strangest antics. All of these jokes are just comedy to push us to laugh through one of the harshest times in the world.

SNL is making fun of politics and celebrities with comedy sketches that will make you forget the real world. They did some sketches over the weekend on the vaccine with a game show and a music video in an MTV style rap show about boomers getting the vaccine. They had actress Maya Rudolph host who would act like a teenage girl accent who speaks really oddly and that would make people not understand what she is saying through spring breaker terms. The game show was known as “Snatched! Vaxed! or Waxed!” where three contestants would guess whether each woman was snatched through their physique, got vaccinated, or got waxed! In the sketch was a quote that stood out the most: “We are so close to the end, let’s ruin it!” making fun of the spring breakers who are out there partying during the pandemic. The cast did another sketch involving them all rapping a song about elderly people getting the vaccines called “Boomers Got the Vax.” The cast of SNL got in their costumes of old people, started rapping about how baby boomers got the vaccinations before everybody else did, and just danced in the background without breaking their hips. They sang about getting the vax first, being the first ones to get it before everybody, just getting the chance to be immune unlike everybody else. “Boomers got the vax! Everyone else get to the back!” The word “boomers” is slang for baby boomers, who are people born from 1946 to 1964. 

South Park is an animated TV series that makes fun of almost anything to do with celebrities, events in the world, politics and controversies. They just recently made a special for the show called “South Park Vaccination Special,” which is all about making fun of the vaccination’s effect on the world, and Qanoon. They would show elderly people getting in front of the lines to get the vaccines while everyone else is behind of the lines. Then they would go off to bars and party while everybody would have to wait for their vaccinations. The kids would wear the mask, steal the vaccines while the whole town chased them all down – all begging for a shot by singing a version of the Hamilton “My Shot” song for the vaccine. They would make fun of people’s conspiracies on the vaccines, making fun of the Qanoon group by showing how stupid they are through references in the world on how absurd they are over their views. They had a bouncer who kept people from getting inside a pharmaceutical store to get the vaccine to back them off, characters would dress up as older people or firemen just to try to get inside. It’s truly a vaccination special for the show if it has people being desperate, being crazed for the vaccine while running, swearing, and just making derogatory jokes at each other with everybody laughing til they can’t speak anymore.

The world can be a dark, scary place, but comedy can bring you out of the darkness with a light that makes you laugh and smile in the end. Show off how cool you are when you get the vaccine with a selfie of the sticker you get afterwards. Then settle in for some vax shows to celebrate your immunity.