Campus glows with student spirit


Lyric Trempe

Freshman Orin Smith and Nadia Wolowik are seen sharing a popsicle during Glow Night at the University Center Aug. 30.

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

Whoever said you couldn’t party on a Monday? Definitely not the undergraduates of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater!

Monday, August 30 UC Live hosted a Glow Party at 7:30 p.m. that drew hundreds of students to the University Center for a night filled with music, fun and laughter. This night-to-remember event would not have been possible without the hard work of all the volunteers and staff hosting it. UC Live is a student-run programming board that fleshed out the huge festivity to get the school year started off with a bang.

“We’re really glad to see everyone out tonight. We really appreciate everyone’s attitude about coming back to the UC because we have a lot more planned for the rest of the semester,” said even coordinator Elizabeth Inloes. 

There were a plethora of activities to take part in and the students were definitely not shy when it came to enjoying themselves. Some of these activities included bingo, billiards, glow bowling, glow kanjam, bean bag toss, ladder toss, and video games. All this paired with a live concert by “11. One Louder” an 80’s classic rock band that definitely “rocked” the students away with their performance. One of the most popular activities of the night was the “U-stuff-it: Critters Art Workshop” where undergraduates got to feel like they were kids again at Build-A-Bear Workshop by stuffing their own adorable stuffed animal to take home with them as a keepsake of the night. While students walked around, they were able to stop by the concession stand where they were provided with something all college students love: free snacks. Some of these snacks included jello, chips, ice cream, and soda. If the students weren’t relishing in  the atmosphere inside the building they could be seen outside, listening to music next to the firepits to warm up in the cool summer evening. Throughout the night, event staff announced on the loudspeaker the winners of a giveaway and other prizes that were given out to enthralled students.

“This night has been awesome and super fun. My favorite part was Bingo, it was super intense. So far, we have mostly walked around and enjoyed the night,” said, Freshman Arathi Fishwild

Although there was a large percentage of the student body coming and going from the event at no point did anyone feel the need to worry as the UC coordinators made sure that there were plenty of service officers walking around and surveying the crowd. They were seen observing the lively Bingo room as well as outside where most of the students had gathered to enjoy the yard games. They were always present and aware; however, that does not mean that they did not enjoy themselves as well.

“We are just doing our best to be a presence and provide a fun environment that is safe while  keeping an eye on things,” said Officer A. Fish. “But mostly, being here and enjoying the moment with everyone.” 

The evening was a success for everyone involved. One could tell by the energy and buzz in the area that students are ready for their “U-Dub-Dub”  experience to begin. There is without a doubt that everyone who showed up at the glow party got something out of it whether it be a stuffed animal, a win in bingo or simply, college memories to look back to for years to come.

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