WSG to act on ways to better student education and life overall

Carina Lopez, Assistant Campus News Editor

A laptop purchase program and a strategic plan to combat sexual misconduct were presented in last week’s Whitewater Student Government meeting.

The two-year preparation of the Act Establishing a UW-Whitewater Laptop Purchase Program seeks to ensure that all students are given equal opportunities to succeed in a highly technology-oriented educational setting.  

Currently, the university offers a program where students can buy laptops at a discounted price through university vendors. With this program, laptops will be included in student bills. This expense can be covered with the financial funds that students receive through FAFSA, scholarships, or grants. 

“This allows folks to access quality technology, reliable technology, and I know other schools do it already, so I don’t see why Whitewater cannot do it,” said Deputy Speaker Matthew J. Schweinert. 

With the finalization of the project, it will now be passed down to the campus administration. 

Another issue the Senate is trying to resolve is recurring sexual assaults on campus. Since Sept. 1, the campus has reported three sexual assaults. 

“It’s a huge issue, it’s unfortunate. You know there are a lot of people personally that I know that don’t report. As a survivor myself it’s very frustrating that it’s happening and is more prevalent on our campus than it has been in previous years,” said Vice President Allyson J. Weisbrod. 

The Strategic Plan to Combat UW-Whitewater Sexual Misconduct Act requests that students be required to attend an in-person or virtual seminar on sexual misconduct. It also asks to provide additional resources and support to survivors of sexual misconduct.

“This bill alone isn’t going to solve the problem, but it is a starting point for a conversation and for further action that we can take throughout the course of the year,” said President Davin R. Stavroplos. 

The bill will be voted on next week.