Support local businesses with seasonal spending


Katie McIlheran

Local Floral Villa owner Pam Kraus prepares a flower bouquet at her shop on Oct. 21, 2021.

Local businesses are bustling this time of year. Right before and during the holidays. Luckily, the town of Whitewater is prepared for all of your holiday and winter shopping needs. Whether it be wanting to get that special something for an important person in your life or sending a sweet gesture to your professor for an “end of the semester thank you.” 

The Sweet Spot Café and Bakehouse is a local family owned and operated business. The owners Elena and Jake Gildemeister are focused on their community by supporting local artists and by engaging in town events. They own and run two different stores. One of their stores is located on 226 West Whitewater St. Whitewater, WI but both run seasonal specials. The specials range from beverages, lunches, cupcakes, and muffins. The store actively posts announcements specifically stating the specials for the holidays on their active social media platforms. They partake in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For a holiday gift you can buy one of their gift cards either in store or on their website at 

More locally run businesses are the Fuzzy Pig and the Floral Villa. The owners of these stores, Pam and Dick Kraus, have fun holiday activities and specials for the public. In October the Fuzzy Pig hosted Halloween Haunts on the weekends. For the upcoming holiday season the owners are holding a Christmas Open house at both of their establishments on Dec. 4, 2021. At this event they offer refreshments for the public and also a 25 percent discount in their boutique store. Their boutique store, also named as the Country Store, sells a variety of things perfect for gifts. Ranging from giftware, houseware, clothing, bags, and much more. 

The Fuzzy Pig, although the name might sound comical it was named after the owner’s beloved barn cat. Originally the building used to be a barn but it was renovated into the establishment it is today. Another part within the Fuzzy Pig is a dining area called Whineys. They sell wine and craft beer to the public, along with woodfire pizza. For more information visit their mall-like establishment at N8660 Clover Valley Rd. Whitewater, WI. They are also active on their website, and on their Facebook page. 

The Floral Villa is a flower and gift shop that fulfills the needs of every holiday. The store’s website actually has an “upcoming occasions” list that tells you the dates of the holidays. They have an arrangement for any type of occasion whether it be Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even just because. They do ask, for the busy holiday season, to be conscientious and put in your order request at least one day prior to a major holiday. The Floral Villa is located at 208 South Wisconsin St. in Whitewater. 

For the upcoming holiday season feel free to check out these local businesses to not only support them, but also to give meaningful gifts to others.