DIY gift ideas


an example of sock gnomes

Katie Zee , Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Although it’s only early December, the holidays tend to creep up on us. Let’s get into some creative gift ideas that you can create yourself!

Everyone loves a good candle. Surprisingly, they aren’t too difficult to make yourself. You can find candle wax on amazon or at some craft stores. Here is a link for a highly rated bag of soy wax. For the containers, go to a thrift store and find interesting jars to house your candles. You could also reuse old candle jars you may have lying around. Wicks are a must when candle-making, and you can find a kit with wicks and other tools here

For a wickless option, try using this or another mold to make wax cubes to give to friends and family that own wax warmers.  

Sock gnomes, also known as sock gonks, are trending on TikTok at the moment. They are an inexpensive craft that would be fun to make alone or with friends! Stop by a dollar store and pick up a pair of plain white socks, two different pairs of colorful fuzzy socks, yarn or faux fur, rubber bands, and rice or other filler. Take one white sock, fill it with rice or filler and tie it at the top. Next, take a rubber band and create a “nose” by wrapping it around a small part of the sock. Attach yarn or fur under the nose to make the beard. Slip one fuzzy sock over the top of the gnome and tie it at the top—this will be the hat. Take the different colored fuzzy sock and slip it on the other end of the body to be used as the gnome’s clothing. Add any final touches and you’re done! 

If crafts aren’t your thing, a personalized care package is a great gift that allows you to use some creativity without actually making anything. Take a trip the store of your choice and find the section that has small, giftable items like socks, hand lotion, bath bombs, nail polish, etc. Customize your haul to the person that you’re planning on giving the gift to. To make the care package look more uniform, try to pick products that match the receiver’s favorite color. Doing this adds that little extra touch that shows you care!