Whitewater flute studio students prepare for first recital of year

Twice a year the students in Professor Robin Fellows flute studio take a night to perform pieces they have been working on all semester.

Professor Robin Fellows

Fourteen students will have the chance to show off their work at 7:30 p.m., Nov. 20 in the Light Recital Hall.

Fellows said for this concert everyone was going to play regardless if they have already had their senior recital.

“I decided that everyone should play because seniors need the opportunity to perform before their Grad School auditions,” Fellows said.

Students will perform pieces from the Baroque period up to contemporary.

Seniors Johnathan Bernhardt and Nancy Hart had their senior recitals already. Both said they are excited to hear what the other flute students will play and how they have progressed.

Bernhardt will be playing the first movement of the Mozart Concerto in G Major and Hart will perform Syrinx by Claude Debussy which will be unaccompanied.

Fellows said these recitals really benefit the students.

“This way they are doing a performance every semester,” Fellows said. “By the time they get to their junior and senior recitals, they know what to expect and how to prepare for it.”

He said he most looks forward to seeing how the students have grown and progressed from semester to semester and year to year.

Next semester, Fellows said he will give students the opportunity to perform a duet, which is something he has never done before.

“They are a great bunch,” Fellows said. “I’m very happy with my students and they are very driven.”

The free recital is open to all students and community members.