Comedian takes road less travelled to stardom

Comedian Geoff Keith, a college basketball player turned comedian, is set to perform at 8 p.m. tomorrow at the UC-Down Under.

Surprisingly, comedy was not Keith’s first career choice. On the Rooftop Comedy website, it is mentioned that he started performing stand-up routines after years of playing basketball. He actually once dreamt of being in the NBA.


However, after a year of playing basketball in college and failing to catch the eye of scouts, Keith decided to drop out of school and pursue his career as a stand-up comedian.

Although he was a college dropout, he does recommend that kids stay in school “because one day it will lead to an education at a top-notch university where girls will get drunk and lose all inhibition.”

According to Keith’s official website, he has made appearances on the Comedy Central shows “Pablo Fransisco’s: Ouch!” and “Live at Gotham.” The list continues with performances on popular shows such as “Chelsea Lately,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen” and “One Mic Stand” to name a few.

Keith has also made a name for himself as an established actor in the movies “Even Money” and “Coach Carter.” Along with these attributes, he also creates funny webisodes for the website, and was involved in a secret project with actor Ashton Kutcher in which he filmed short videos pretending to be Kutcher.

It seems almost impossible that one guy could have so many and such diverse accomplishments. But Keith did not become famous overnight. He started his stand-up career in 2003, but did not get recognized until almost two years after that.

The comedian had to travel a long and sometimes strenuous road to get where he is today. Keith’s official website describes how his long path to fame was filled with performances at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, restaurants, swap meets, nudist colonies, bars and clubs.

He would sometimes drive more than 100 miles overnight across his home state of California just to get stage time. Although Keith had to travel long distances and perform his comedy to “unconventional” audiences, he knew he was onto something when he heard someone in the crowd once say, “Remember this kid,” one night after his routine.

“Everyone should go see Geoff Keith because he is someone our students might recognize not only as an upcoming star, but also from the shows we watch on TV,” Seal Entertainment intern Kate Buckner said.

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