Missing paychecks due to UW System outage

Students, faculty and staff members might have noticed issues with their last paychecks, while some were left unpaid.

Prior to the Feb. 9 pay date, the payroll processing software the entire UW System uses crashed, leaving 30-40 people without a paycheck at UW-Whitewater.

Director of Human Resources and Diversity Judith Trampf said she is “surprised” this crash happened since the system had been running smoothly for a while.

This is not the first time an outage like this has occurred. Near the beginning of the fall semester, another crash happened. Payroll and Benefits Specialist Lorenzo Jackson said that outage affected many more students than the most recent one did.

Jackson said the new system is similar to the WINS software and Trampf added the new system is “very complex” and the more complicated the program, the more room there is for errors and glitches to occur.

“Sometimes the printouts and the queries we run look alright to us and everything looks like it should run, but for some reason the program crashes,” Trampf said.

Not getting paid wasn’t the only issue during the last system outage. In some cases, there was too much deducted from checks or incorrect payment amounts.

Jackson said some of the direct deposits are being rejected and W-4 tax data is not being updated correctly.

Trampf said she hopes the issues are resolved by the next pay date and if anyone notices errors in their pay to contact the Human Resources and Diversity Department.

“We want students to get their money, that’s our biggest thing,” Trampf said. “If there is an issue with their pay and they are in need of money, they need to talk to us right away so we can get them a paper check.”

Jackson also said he hopes this matter is cleared up soon, but anything can happen.

“We’re working it out the best way we can,” Jackson said. “We understand that people need things done in a timely matter, and we do try to do the best we can at the same time, it’s all we can do.”

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