Romance blooms on Leap Day

After four years of dating, Crystal DeMott and Josh Meyers will be celebrating their anniversary on the exact date they began dating, Feb. 29.

DeMott and Meyers started dating in 2008 after meeting each other through a mutual friend. The two attended Milton High School where Meyers played varsity baseball and DeMott played varsity softball.

Crystal DeMott and Josh Meyers look forward to celebrating their four year anniversary on Feb. 29.

“We share a lot of the same interests,” Meyers said. “It made getting to know each other a lot easier for us.”

The couple said they went through the typical high school dating routine, “seeing each other” for a couple of months but never anything official.

After spending the day together at a state wrestling tournament, Meyers asked DeMott to be his girlfriend on the bus ride home.

Unbeknownst to the two, they began dating on leap year.

“We never planned it that way,” DeMott said. “We realized the next day that we started dating on leap year.”

Leap year comes every four years to help synchronize our seasonal year. Leap years have 366, adding on another year to the month of February.

DeMott and Meyers typically spend their anniversary going to dinner and a movie, but this year DeMott wants to work on something more sentimental as well.

During their first Christmas as a couple, DeMott created a scrapbook of pictures that they had taken during their first year together. This year, the two plan to work on the scrapbook together and adding on more pictures.

“I got the idea of the scrap book from Taylor Swift’s song ‘Love Story,’” DeMott said.

The two said they are hoping to celebrate their anniversary on leap year, but have to work around both of their busy schedules.

“It’s a pretty cool and unique thing to tell people,” Meyers said. “We are looking forward to celebrating this year.”