Consider This! April 4

“My parents and friends aren’t the biggest fans of my significant other. How do I get them to see the side of them I see?”

When your family and friends aren’t fond of your significant other, it’s time to take a step back and figure out why not. Chances are if they don’t like your latest fling then there might be a good reason behind it.


The first thing you should do is ask your loved ones what they don’t like about them. Ask them to be truthful. There might be something you are overlooking, and no one will be more honest than your family and friends.

If your friends and family don’t like your partner because of them being rude or having a unpleasant habit, then that might be something you can ask your significant other to monitor when they are around your friends and family. For example, if your parents dislike that your boyfriend or girlfriend swears, then your partner could tone it down around them.

You can’t ask your significant other to completely change for anyone else, but they should be able to make a minor adjustment if it bugs your loved ones.

If your friends and family  don’t like your significant other because of a bad past, the way they treat you, or a dangerous or illegal habit, then you should seriously take some time to reconsider your relationship.

Your loved ones have your best interest in mind, and if they don’t think your person of interest is good for you, it’s important to acknowledge it. If what they dislike about your significant other is something as vague as “they just don’t like them,” then it is hoped they will come around and see what you see in your partner.

Try asking to see if your friends and family will sit down one on one and try to get to know them better. They might be able to bond on a more personal level and get past whatever is in the way of them being civil to one another.

Be sure to decide for yourself what you want to do. No one is in your relationship but you and your significant other, so if it is working for you two then that is what matters.

If you love your significant other and they love you, then everything else should fall into place.

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