Album Review: Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad 25’

It left the world asking “who’s bad”?

This time around, will Michael Jackson’s “Bad 25” have the same effect, or will it be a flop?

Exactly 25 years after Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album was released, it was announced “Bad 25” would be released on Sept. 18.

The album features the same 11 songs featured on the original. However, the bonus of “Bad 25” is the two other CDs and DVD included in the Deluxe package.

“Bad” was always seen as the underdog album of Jackson’s career, since it was released five years after the greatest-selling album of all-time, “Thriller,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

Although this album didn’t create the craze “Thriller” did, “Bad” is still an amazing album highlighting Michael Jackson at a time when he was on top of the world.

I wasn’t alive when “Bad” was originally released in 1987, but growing up in a household of MJ fans, I’m no newbie to the genius of Michael.

Some of MJ’s most popular songs came off the “Bad” album. These include the single “Bad,” “Man in the Mirror,” “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.”

Everyone knows Michael Jackson had some rough patches in his life. Many believed his song “Man in the Mirror” was, in some ways, about his own life.

A excerpt from “Man in the Mirrow” reads:

I’m gonna make a change

For once in my life

It’s gonna feel real good

Gonna make a difference

Gonna make it right

He goes on to sing about a man who sees starving children in the streets, but the man pretends not to notice them. He then says he’s going to make a change, starting with the man in the mirror, and he’s going to ask him to “change his ways.”

“Man in the Mirror” is not a typical Michael Jackson song. Most of his popular songs could be considered “party songs.” However, “Man in the Mirror” could be classified almost as a ballad about not just his life, but the lives of many.

That fact is what makes “Man in the Mirror” popular is that everyone can relate to it in one way or another.

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