Album preview: “Take Me Home” by One Direction


First of all, I need to admit something. I am totally a directioner, which UrbanDictionary. com describes as, “a psychotic barbarian who is obsessed with the boy band, One Direction.”

My love affair for One Direction started last year when the song, “What Makes You Beautiful” first hit the airwaves.

Who could resist five adorable European boys? I was hooked from the first moment I heard them.

Now, just a few months after their debut album release titled “Up All Night,” the boys are at it again with a new album titled “Take Me Home.“

The new album will be released on Nov. 13.

Although it won’t hit the shelves for another month, the band has already released the single, “Live While We’re Young.”

As much as it pains me to say it, I am actually slightly disappointed in the new song.

Even though the song has a killer beat and an energetic chorus that makes me want to dance around my room singing into a hairbrush, I just feel like the theme of living while you’re young and wanting to be forever young is so overdone.

Besides the tired theme, the song also takes suggestive liberties I wouldn’t expect out of the One Direction boys.

The lyrics, “Tonight let’s get some, and live while we’re young,” start off the chorus. Compared to songs by artists like ‘Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj, these lyrics are harmless, but still a little shocking coming from the innocent boy band.

Although this song wasn’t my favorite, I still cannot wait for the rest of the album to be released. I hope the other songs show a little more promise and originality.

However, even if I am disappointed, I’m a directioner for life.

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