Royal Purple

Classifieds 920-397-0050 [597 N Tratt St]: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1-car garage for 3 students. Includes dishwasher, washer, dryer, parking SmartTV, and internet.



2020-2021 School Year

Downtown Apartments

1B 2B 3B 4B

[email protected] 



For rent 2020-2021

Five Bedroom House With Large Living Room and Kitchen. 

Beautiful front porch. 

Full Basement with washer/dryer.

Five blocks from campus. 

Close to downtown.

Call (262) 903-2091 or email [email protected]


For rent 2020-2021

Three bedroom house with large kitchen and living room.

Washer/dryer, dish washer, central air.

Large deck.

Two car garage.

Two blocks from campus.

Call (262) 903-2091 or email [email protected]

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