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Management team

Editor-in-Chief:  Kimberly Wethal – [email protected]

Managing Editor: Brad Allen – [email protected]

Editorial staff

News Editor: Nicole Aimone[email protected]

Assistant News Editor: Benjamin Pierce – [email protected]

Biz & Tech Editor: Garrett Kluever – [email protected]

Opinions Editor: Devon Gille – [email protected]

Lifestyle Editor: Catherine Smith[email protected]

Arts & Rec Editor: Hannah Maes – [email protected]

Sports Editor: Kolton Hegstrom – [email protected]

Assistant Sports Editor: John Miller – [email protected]


Copy Editors

Connor Moore – [email protected]

Monica Hart  – [email protected]

Visuals Staff

Photo Editor: Evan Halpop – [email protected]

Graphics Editor: Kirsten Tyrrell – [email protected]

Assistant Graphics Edtor: Elliott Weld – [email protected]

Web Manager: Matthew Sudsberry – [email protected]

Social Media Manager and Outreach Coordinator:  Anna Catlin – [email protected]

Business & Advertising Staff

Business Manager: Brandon Brabender – [email protected]

Advertising Manager: Madison Scheel – [email protected]

Classifieds Manager: – [email protected]

Advertising Graphic Designer: Emily Curley – [email protected]

Advertising Sales Reps:

Advertising Sales Rep: Josie Broxson – [email protected]

Advertising Sales Rep: Alyssa Pietruszka – [email protected]

Advertising Sales Rep: Natlie Ford – [email protected]

Advertising Sales Rep: Shawnna Reed – [email protected]

Advertising Sales Rep: Joseph Fasanella – [email protected]


Distribution Staff

Off Campus Distributor: Cody Mack – [email protected]

On Campus Distributor: Nick Trossen – [email protected]

Faculty Adviser
Dr. Keith Zukas – [email protected] 
The student news site of the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater